Learn from The Hero’s Journey and its positive outcomes on Men’s mental health

Men’s mental health is a subject close to the hearts of those at Blokepedia http://blokepedia.com.

They are an organisation that aims to encourage conversations around the issues that impact the lives of Australian men.  Through their events, usually in pubs and bars, they provide opportunities for men to talk about what impacts their lives and what men and women might do about this.

At this event I spoke briefly about how men can use the Hero’s Journey for navigating everyday life challenges such as relationships, work life balance and emotional vulnerability (or pretending not to be!).  About 80 people attended and Rugby League legend Billy Moore spoke of his issues with alcohol, work and mental health.  http://www.billymoore.com.au/about-billy-moore/ .

Men’s Mental Health is important

I spoke about some of the men who present to my office, what problems they come with and how, in the course of viewing their lives as a hero’s journey, they begin the process of problem-solving by learning polar opposite skills (e.g. pretending to not have feelings or hiding them and allowing loved ones to see them). Read more at Stage 6

Thanks again to Josh for organising this and other events like it.