Is there really a mudmap for navigating life?

Is there a mudmap for navigating life ? Is a question I get asked regularly, So to help answer this and other questions about life’s journeys, I run classes and workshops on the Heroic Journey.

This occurs whenever I have enough people indicate their interest (classes are a maximum of 25 people, workshops between 6 – 8 people).  Classes aim to introduce the idea that there is a mudmap for navigating life, helping us to problem solve whatever is going on in our lives.

What is the Hero’s Journey?

Most of us will already be very familiar with the structure of the Hero’s Journey.  It’s a common storyline in popular movies, television shows, plays and novels.  This same structure can be found in fairytales, greek legends, folk tales and literature.  If you’ve seen or read Shakespeare or Dickens or J.K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter books) or watched Master Chef of the Biggest Loser, then you’ve come across the Hero’s Journey storyline.

A mudmap for navigating life.

Classes introduce the basic idea and help participants recognise where they are in their own Hero’s Journey.  The workshops build on this awareness and provide people with a more in-depth look at how to recognise what they might need to do to address their current life problems and move towards a life that is more intune with their own interests, values and passions.

These classes and workshops are not designed to make you rich, famous or perfect, but to provide a compass in navigating and resolving significant life problems.